Empire Support Squadrons

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Despite orders to hold back, Captain Vanya Sokolov disregarded them and commanded his ship to advance, aiming to attack the flank of the Diyu-class vessel ahead. After months of patrolling the Sea of Okhotsk, finally, there was action and an enemy to engage. If he could achieve the first kill, promotion would surely follow. Sokolov suspected that Commodore Belyaev, cursed as he may be, wanted the honor of drawing first blood for himself. As he closed the distance, Sokolov couldn’t help but admire the craftsmanship of the Diyu ship. Its jade green tiles, ornamental dragonheads on the gun muzzles, and rich golden lacquer made it appear as a work of art, glistening in the sunlight.

Determined to claim one as a prize, Sokolov ordered his crew to flank the squadron of Diyu vessels and prepare for boarding. He imagined the cheers he would receive once the battle was won. However, his reverie was shattered as the Empire ships executed a maneuver impossible for Commonwealth vessels. Realization dawned on Sokolov that his pride had led to his downfall, and he sank back into his chair with resignation. His final thought was a prayer for forgiveness before he and his men were engulfed in alchemical flame.


  • 2x Diyu Immolation Cruisers (may also be built as Yaoji, Mekong, Wuhan, Lantau or Qiang Class)
  • 1x Yanshi Firebase
  • 2x Hexie Hover Zebeks
  • 2x Escort
  • 2x SRS Landing Troops

Miniatures are supplied unpainted, and some assembly will be required.


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