Embrace the Ember

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Embark on a journey of strategic reimagining with "Master Titles," where the versatility of your favorite Masters expands into new horizons. In the realm of Malifaux, this groundbreaking concept empowers you to select the version of your Master that aligns with your tactics, breathing new life into their impact on the battlefield.

Engage with the unique abilities of each Master, as each title creates a distinct narrative and tactical perspective. As you delve into their capabilities, you become the architect of their evolution, molding them into a formidable force that resonates with your vision.

Within this package, you'll find:

  • Reva Cortinas, Luminary: A luminous figure who casts her brilliance across the battlefield. With her Master Title, Reva Cortinas evolves, reshaping her crew's abilities and strategies. This metamorphosis delves into the realm of the revenant, weaving a tale of ethereal power that becomes the cornerstone of her playstyle.

  • Deacon Hillcrest: A presence that bridges the gap between the living and the beyond. Guided by Reva's strategies, Deacon Hillcrest takes on a new role as a conduit between realms, reshaping his crew's interactions and dynamics. This evolution creates a synergy that harmonizes the power of life and the afterlife.

  • Karis, Reborn: A force whose essence straddles the line between resurrection and transformation. With Reva Cortinas as her guide, Karis takes on a new identity as the Reborn, reshaping her abilities to align with Reva's tactics. This alliance between master and minion creates a harmony that elevates their combined strength.

Rooted in the "Resurrectionists" and "Arcanists" factions, these evolutions breathe new life into your Malifaux experience. Your choice between Master Titles shapes your crew's destiny, crafting a unique narrative on the tabletop.


  • Reva Cortinas, Luminary
  • Deacon Hillcrest
  • Karis, Reborn


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