Ember's Embrace

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Welcome to the eerie realm of Malifaux, a distorted reflection of an alternate Earth in the tumultuous 1900s—a place where gothic horror, Victorian elegance, and the lawlessness of the Wild West collide in a maelstrom of danger and intrigue. In these forsaken lands, where undead horrors and vengeful specters roam freely, the allure of Soulstones hidden within the depths of cavernous catacombs drives daring adventurers to risk life and limb in pursuit of unimaginable power.

Malifaux Third Edition invites players into a narrative-driven skirmish game, where two rival factions engage in endless battles for control over the towns, settlements, and sources of power that dot this perilous landscape. In Malifaux, lore and gameplay intertwine seamlessly, ensuring that every encounter is part of a larger story filled with mystery and consequence.

Featuring a streamlined hiring system and updated rules designed to enhance gameplay without sacrificing fun, Malifaux offers strategic depth that keeps players engaged for years to come. It's a world where cunning and strategy reign supreme, and where every decision can mean the difference between victory and defeat.

One of the factions vying for dominance in Malifaux is the Guild of Mercantilers—a shadowy organization often perceived as a stalwart defender of the innocent against the terrors that lurk in the night. However, beneath this facade of protection lies a darker truth. While the Guild presents itself as a benevolent force, its true motivations are far more sinister. Soulstones, coveted for their immense power, serve as the Guild's primary focus, and every shipment sent back to Earth strengthens its grip on the world's most influential nations.

In Malifaux, where deception and betrayal are commonplace, the Guild of Mercantilers stands as a testament to the adage that power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. As players navigate the treacherous waters of this dangerous new world, they must tread carefully, for even the most seemingly benevolent organization may conceal ulterior motives beneath its Surface.


  • 1x Director Rodriguez
  • 2x Ashbringer

Miniatures is supplied unpainted and some assembly will be required.


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