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In the land of Skyrim, the call for freedom echoes through the mountains and valleys, and the Stormcloaks stand ready to answer. And at the forefront of their battle, three fierce warriors and a healer of the people have stepped forward, ready to lead the charge.

Gonnar Oath-Giver, a respected leader of the Stormcloaks, will ensure that word of your deeds will pass into legend. His powerful words and unyielding spirit are a source of inspiration for all who fight for the cause of freedom.

Thorygg Sun-Killer, a legendary warrior, is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. His ferocity and skill with a weapon are unmatched, and his very presence inspires your Stormcloak soldiers to cut down their enemies without mercy.

And with Nura Snow-Shod at your side, your troops will be kept in top fighting form. As a healer and spiritual guide, she ensures that the strength of Talos flows through the Stormcloak soldiers, giving them the power they need to vanquish their foes.

But it is not just leaders who fight for the cause. Three Stormcloak Soldiers with Axes stand ready to crush your enemies before you, their blades thirsty for the blood of the Empire.

With six scenic bases included, you can bring the epic battles of Skyrim to life on your tabletop. Will you join the Stormcloaks in their fight for freedom and independence, or will you side with the Empire and maintain the status quo? The choice is yours, but be warned - the winds of change are blowing through Skyrim, and the fate of the land hangs in the balance.


  •     1x Gonnar Oath-Giver
  •     1x Thorygg Sun-Killer
  •     1x Nura Snow-Shod
  •     3x Stormcloak Soldiers with Axe

This set is supported by The Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms - Chapter Two Card Park - Steam and Shadow which includes all the character cards, new gear, quests and more!


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