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In the war-torn land of Skyrim, the clash between the Imperial forces and the Stormcloak rebels rages on. But the Imperials have some of the finest commanders in all of Tamriel at their disposal, ready to lead their troops to victory.

Captain Aldis is one such commander, renowned for his rigorous training regimen that makes his soldiers among the deadliest on the battlefield. Under his leadership, the Imperial forces strike with deadly precision and leave little room for error.

Legate Fasendil, on the other hand, is a master of seizing critical opportunities on the battlefield. His keen eye for strategy and quick thinking have turned the tide of many battles in favor of the Imperials.

And when the might of the East Empire Company is needed, Adelaisa Vendicci is the one to call upon. Her connections and resources give the Imperial forces a much-needed edge in the war effort.

To reinforce their ranks, three Imperial Recruits also join the fray, eager to prove their mettle and fight for the glory of the Empire.

Now, these esteemed commanders and soldiers come to you, ready to lead your forces to victory in the Elder Scrolls: A Call to Arms Miniatures game. With six scenic bases included, you can bring the epic battles of Skyrim to life on your tabletop. Will you heed the call of the Empire and fight for its cause, or will you join the Stormcloak rebels and defy the might of the Imperial war machine?


  •     1x Captain Aldis
  •     1x Legate Fasendil
  •     1x Adelaisa VENDICCI
  •     3x Imperial Recruits
  •     6x Scenic bases

This set is supported by The Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms - Chapter Two Card Park - Steam and Shadow which includes all the character cards, new gear, quests and more!


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