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Embark on your journey through the land of Tamriel with the essential boxed Starter Set collection for The Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms. This comprehensive set includes everything you need to dive headfirst into the thrilling adventures awaiting you.

Contained within this Starter Set are the full rules of The Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms, providing you with a detailed guide to the game mechanics and strategies necessary for success in the world of Tamriel. Whether you're a seasoned adventurer or a newcomer to the realm, these rules will serve as your indispensable companion on your quest for glory.

But that's not all – the Starter Set also includes three miniatures starter packs, each featuring intricately detailed miniatures representing iconic characters from the Elder Scrolls universe. Lead your band of heroes into battle with confidence, knowing that you have the strength and skill of these legendary figures at your command.

And to further enhance your gaming experience, the Starter Set introduces the Dragonborn Ethereal, a powerful entity whose presence on the battlefield will tip the scales of fate in your favor. With its otherworldly abilities and commanding presence, the Dragonborn Ethereal will become an indispensable ally in your quest for victory.

Immerse yourself in the epic conflicts raging across Skyrim as Imperials and Stormcloaks vie for supremacy. Traverse ancient barrows where the restless dead stir from their slumber, guarding their treasures with jealous fervor. Face off against fearsome foes like skeletons and Draugr as you delve into the depths of Tamriel's most treacherous ruins.

Whether you choose to explore haunted tombs in search of treasure or join the fray in the civil war tearing Skyrim apart, The Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms offers an exhilarating adventure that will keep you engaged for hours on end. So gather your heroes, rally your forces, and prepare for battle – the fate of Tamriel hangs in the balance, and only you can determine its Destiny.


  • 1 x The Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms Core Rules
    • Core rule book, Quests book, Escape from Helgen Quickstart
    • More than 200 cards including heroes, followers, adversaries, quests and more
    • 2 die cut counter sheets
    • 13 special game dice
  • 1 x Imperial Plastic Starter Set
    • Hadvar, Hero of Helgen
    • Imperial Mage
    • 3 x Imperial Soldiers
  • 1 x Stormcloak Plastic Starter Set
    • 1 x Ralof, Warrior of the Resistance
    • 1 x Ysrald Thrice Pierced, Stormcloak Commander
    • 3 x Stormcloak Warriors with Greatswords
  • 1 x Bleak Falls Barrow Plastic Delve
    • 1 x Dragonborn, Champion of Skyrim
    • 1 Draugr Deathlord
    • 3 x Skeleton Archers
    • 3 x Draugr Warrior with Greatsword
  • 1 x Ethereal Dragonborn

Miniatures are supplied unpainted and unassembled. Scenic bases not included.


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