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When the vermin-like Skaven invade the innocent Sylvaneth enclave of Neos and, led by the gray seer Skrittat, successfully steal some of the prized soul pods, a devastating counterattack is unleashed - the Lady of the Vines and her hand-picked Sylvaneth warriors seek revenge, and only one Sea of ??spilled Skaven blood can satisfy her now...

Whether you've pledged your life to the Everqueen or are drawn to the insidious tenets of the Clans Eshin, you'll find a fighting force to suit you in this playset - each featuring some brand new models: the vengeful Lady of the Vines, the deadly Silkwing Archers and the treacherous Master Assassins, who may be pursuing plans of their own. The Everqueen's elegant warriors are perfect for players who value fast positional play, while the Skaven's cunning agents scour their enemies in overwhelming numbers.

Start a new army (or two!) and decide whether to save or steal the sacred soul pods; or strengthen your existing collections!

In this box you will find 42 Citadel miniatures:

  • 1x The Lady of Vines
  • 1x Ghost Durthus, which can alternatively be built as Tree Lord or Tree Lord Elder
  • 3x Kurnoth Hunters
  • 3x Silkwing Archers
  • 1x Master Assassin
  • 1x Gray Prophet on Hell's Bell, which can alternatively be built as a Plague Priest on Plague Meetekel
  • 10x Storm Rats
  • 20x Clan Rats

The box also contains:

  • 1x 40-page Echoes of Ruin booklet
  • 1x 56-page Warhammer Age of Sigmar rulebook
  • 1x marker sheet
  • 8x scroll cards

This box contains all the Citadel miniatures you need to recreate the brutal conflict between the vengeful Sylvaneth and the thieving Skaven. Alongside these two armies you will find a booklet with detailed background on the history of Echoes of Ruin and the two factions involved. Also included are scrolls and battle plans to get you playing your new armies straight away, as well as additional rules content such as Warzone: The Adamant Chain, Aqshy.

All units listed above come with the appropriate Bases . These miniatures come unpainted and require assembly - we recommend Citadel Plastic Glue and Citadel Paints.


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