Easterling Mounted Commanders

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The initiates of the Order of the Dragonknights are those Easterling warriors who, inspired by their example Amdûr, have dedicated their lives to the perfection of martial arts. Hundreds of aspirants show their skills to the knights who tend the shrines, but only a select few are allowed to stay and begin the real training. These initiates are the Black Dragons, who train under the guidance of the Dragonknights as they once learned from Amdûr. Though they have chosen a life of solitude, and only accept a handful of warriors in their ranks at a time, when the call of war thunders through Rhûn, the Dragonknights answer it—and their skill is such that they turn the tide in the can turn the battle.

Exactly how the Easterlings came to worship the Dark Lord is unknown, but they do, and willingly lay down their lives for him on countless battlefields. The most zealous of these faithful are the warpriests, whipping up those near them into a rage in which warriors ignore wounds or pierce the foe with overwhelming power. Some believe this to be an expression of the Easterlings' religious zeal, others believe it to be dark magic - the result remains the same.

This multi-part resin kit makes two formidable heroes for Easterling armies. The Dragonknight is a merciless knight who specializes in slaying enemy heroes, while the Warpriest empowers his allies with sinister magical powers. The kit comes as eight resin components, and is supplied with 2x Citadel 40mm Round bases. Rules for these miniatures can be found in Armies from The Lord of the Rings™.


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