Eagles of the Jwar Isles

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The eagles from all over the Jwar Islands come to the call of the tengu. Great, majestic fighters of the air, undisputed kings of the skies across most of the Imperium. Eagles are huge birds of prey, some can take off an entire goat with their massive wings. Recently, the eagles have also come upon the call of another, a human blessed to bear the mon of the eagle clan.

Each eagle brings something new to a warband and with these three models you can maximize your list to the last point by choosing the skills you need when writing your list. All Eagles are fast, can fly away from battle to reposition themselves, and each offers a unique ability to provide synergy with your other models.

This model can be fielded as part of a warband belonging to the following factions:

  • Shiho clan
  • The Descension

Blister contains three miniatures supplied with three 30mm bases and a colored profile Card.


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