Dweghom - Ironclad Drake

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In the ancient annals of the Dweghom, there exists a legend of iron and fire, a tale that speaks of their indomitable spirit and unwavering pride in the art of war. At the heart of this legend stands the Ironclad Drake, a creature that embodies the very essence of battle. Clad in a shell of meticulously crafted Dweghom-worked steel, the Ironclad Drake is a primordial incarnation of might and fury.

This formidable creature boasts a hide already toughened by nature, further fortified by thick iron plates that envelop its massive form. Its vulnerable head and neck, those precious targets on the battlefield, are encased in an impenetrable fortress of steel. Such is the dedication of the Dweghom to their craft that they have turned even the fiercest beasts into living war machines.

The Dweghom, a race known for their warlike disposition and unwavering pride, have chosen the Ironclad Drake as the ultimate symbol of their might and history. Riding these colossal beasts, the greatest warriors among them, the Hold Raeghs, unleash a sight to behold on the battlefield. The Ironclad Drake's lumbering gait sends banners fluttering in the wind, and its earth-shaking roars drown out the cacophony of battle.

This set of Ironclad Drake arrives with three different posable heads, allowing warriors to customize their mount, adding a touch of individuality to their fearsome presence. But the true power of the Ironclad Drake is unleashed when paired with a Hold Raegh, the chosen champions of their kind, whose mastery of combat is unparalleled. These warriors and their loyal steeds forge an unbreakable bond, a testament to the Dweghom's unyielding resolve.

The mere presence of an Ironclad Drake on the battlefield inspires unmatched zeal among the Dweghom warriors, elevating their ferocity to unparalleled heights. But it's not just their spirit that reignites; the devastating power of a fully-armored Drake wreaking havoc on enemy front lines is a force to be reckoned with, striking fear into the hearts of their foes.

In Game Role:

  • Battlefield Role: Restricted Monster
  • Class: Heavy
  • Type: Monster


  • 1 Plastic Monster Miniature
  • Scale: 38mm, Miniature Height: 18.1cm
  • 1 Monster Stand
  • 1 Monster Base
  • 1 Command Card

Assembly required.


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