Dweghom: Inferno Automata

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The steel and stone bodies of an Inferno Automaton encase a smoldering furnace that burns the smoldering remains of a beast of destruction. Weakened by defeat, this demonic spirit is bound to the towering metal frame and infuses the automaton with the cruel intellect and unbridled aggression of that tormented spirit. Steel and stone warp and warp under the malign influence of this infernal passenger, giving the Inferno Automatons their demonic faces and cruel claws.

Powered by its furnace and fueled by the ferocious intellect that permeates it, the Inferno Automata is a terror on the battlefield, its piston-powered limbs capable of propelling their fiery bodies across the battlefield at breakneck speed ;n. Once in combat, the demonic nature of the spirit that inhabits them becomes apparent as they rip to pieces the foes who survive the blistering heat and noxious fumes of their blast furnace ;en and growl and hiss with pleasure throughout the grisly affair.

Scope of delivery

  • 3 plastic miniatures
  • 3 cavalry ranks
  • 3 bases
  • 1 command card

Product information

  • Assembly: Required.
  • Box size: 30 x 15 x 6 cm; 410g
  • Material: plastic
  • Scale: 38 mm, miniature height: 8.8 cm

In game role

  • Battlefield role: Light brute, fast light anti-infantry
  • Class: Light
  • Type: Brute


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