Durbûrz & Grôblog, Goblinkings of Moria

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Beneath the peaks of the Misty Mountains lie many goblin kingdoms. The largest of them is undoubtedly that in the former dwarf fortress of Moria, over which the tyrannical Durbûrz rules. The largest and most brutal goblin in Moria, Durbûrz has risen through the ranks to become king. Anyone who challenged his rule was swiftly and cruelly eliminated. Durbûrz rules Moria as a tyrant, striking fear and terror into those who follow him. After Grôblog found some shards of mithril, his standing improved tremendously. Grôblog fashioned a crown of sorts out of them and has lied, stolen, and murdered his way to fame ever since. His followers worship Grôblog fanatically, displaying a viciousness not seen in followers of other goblin "lords". Whether this is due to an enchantment on Grôblog's crown or a more sinister power is unknown. This set contains two notable goblin heroes that can be used in Moria armies. Durbûrz rules his goblin hordes with an iron fist, while Grôblog stirs up his frenzied followers with a web of careful lies. The kit comes as three metal parts with which to build a Durbûrz and three resin parts with which to build a Grôblog, and is supplied with 2x Citadel 25mm Round bases. Rules for these miniatures can be found in Armies from The Lord of the Rings™.


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