Dungeons & Lasers - Torture Chambers

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Three for the price of one! Chains, whips, and wheels - special offer available only this Weekend.

Welcome to Torture Chambers, where this weekend, we're offering an irresistible trifecta of torment for the price of one! Step into our realm of sensation and discover the thrill of chains, whips, and wheels as they push your limits and redefine your understanding of pleasure and pain. Feel the strength in your muscles as they strain against the resistance of our chains, preparing you for any circumstance that may come your way. Surrender to the exhilarating rush of each strike from our whips, embracing the dance of agony and ecstasy as you explore the depths of your tolerance. Stretch your limits with our wheels and discover newfound strength with each revolution, surrendering to the transformative power of Torture Chambers.

If you prefer more stationary treatments, take a seat in the Spikey Chair - you will feel every inch of your body. Perfect for mindfulness lovers. Say 'No pain, no dragon slay!' to use our educational discount for apprentices.

Box Contains:

  • 3x long walls
  • 6 walls
  • 3x floor tiles
  • 3x long floor tiles
  • 38x floor clips
  • 10x wall clips

Module walls and floors with 30mm grid system for tabletop games in 28mm scale.

All models come unpainted and unassembled.


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