Dungeons & Lasers - Thall

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Death is beneath me!

So you think you can stop me? Many of your kind have tried, and all have failed. They used swords, arrows, silly imitations of magic— all for nothing. I am an avatar of all your fears. I am a fate worse than death... I am Thall the Defiler!

With these chilling words, Thall the Defiler, a being of unparalleled darkness and dread, asserts his dominance over those who dare oppose him. His voice, a haunting echo of despair, reverberates through the hearts of his adversaries, instilling a sense of dread that chills them to the bone.

With every step, Thall exudes an aura of malevolence, his very presence suffocating the light and hope from the world around him. Those who stand against him find themselves paralyzed by fear, their weapons and spells rendered useless against the overwhelming tide of his power.

So heed his warning, if you dare, for in the presence of Thall the Defiler, death is not the worst fate that awaits you.

Box Contains:

  • 1x Thall Miniature Set
  • 50 mm scenic base

Height: 6in (152 mm)

All models come unpainted and unassembled.


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