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Centuries ago, amidst a land veiled in the mists of time, there stood a towering volcano, a sentinel of fire and fury where people once made offerings to their gods. Its rumbling depths echoed with the prayers of ancient civilizations, its fiery breath a testament to the power that lay dormant within. But then, one cataclysmic day, the mighty volcano collapsed, its once-majestic form reduced to naught but a small crack, a mere fissure in the earth, filled with the ever-flowing lava that still courses through its veins.

Today, this place of ancient reverence has transformed into something altogether different yet equally remarkable. It has become the favorite haunt of smiths, scholars, and a few believers of an old, forgotten religion. Here, amidst the swirling currents of molten rock and the crackling heat of the earth's core, a new community thrives, drawn together by a shared fascination with the mysteries of the past and the promise of forging a future shaped by their own hands.

For the smiths who gather at the edge of the fiery chasm, this place is a sanctuary of inspiration and creativity. Here, they harness the primal power of the volcano's remnants, crafting masterpieces of metal and fire that rival the splendor of the gods themselves. The rhythmic clang of hammers on anvils reverberates through the air, a symphony of creation born from the depths of the earth.

For the scholars who seek knowledge amidst the ashes of antiquity, this place is a treasure trove of ancient wisdom and forgotten lore. They pore over crumbling texts and weathered artifacts, piecing together the fragments of a lost civilization in search of understanding and enlightenment. Theirs is a quest for truth, a journey into the heart of history where the past and present collide in a dance of discovery.

And for the few believers who still hold fast to the faith of their ancestors, this place is a sacred ground, a testament to the enduring power of devotion and belief. They gather in quiet contemplation, offering prayers to gods long since faded from memory, their voices mingling with the crackle of flames as they seek solace and guidance in a world that has forgotten their ways.

  • Modular - build your lava in a flash
  • Universal use - compatible with every RPG system
  • Clear plastic – the secret ingredient that makes the lava look even more realistic


  • 3x straight lava segment
  • 3x curved lava segment
  • 1x rocky cascade segment
  • 1x lava tailout segment

Requires manual assembly and painting.


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