Dungeons & Lasers - Land of the Giants

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Ancient secrets lie here, forgotten by the passage of time, buried beneath layers of earth and stone. Grab your nearest shovel and heed the call to adventure, for it's time to uncover mysterious treasures at a ruin left behind by a people lost to antiquity. Yet, as you stand on the threshold of discovery, a whisper of caution tugs at the edges of your mind.

It's unfortunate that they disappeared without a trace, their civilization fading into myth and legend. What knowledge, what power, what untold riches might lie hidden within these ancient walls, waiting to be unearthed by the bold and the daring?

But on second thought, perhaps it's sometimes better to let sleeping gods lie. For within the depths of these forgotten ruins, there may be forces beyond mortal comprehension, powers that should remain undisturbed by the hand of man. The shadows cast by the crumbling stones hint at darker truths, and the silence that hangs heavy in the air speaks volumes of the dangers that lurk within.

Yet, the allure of discovery beckons, tempting you to step across the threshold and into the unknown. Will you succumb to the thrill of adventure, braving the perils that await in search of ancient knowledge and forbidden treasures? Or will you heed the warning of ages past, leaving the secrets of the ancients undisturbed, lest they awaken to wreak havoc once more upon the world?


  • Long wall x 2
  • Weathered Arch x 2
  • Column remains x 2
  • Short Wall x 2
  • Toppled Column A x 2
  • Toppled Column B x 2
  • Arches of the Ancestors x 4
  • Giant hand remains x 1
  • Vulture x 1
  • Giant head remains x 1
  • Atlas statue remains set x 1
  • Ancient Chapel x1

  • Instant set up
  • Monumental scale
  • Designed for miniatures
  • Easy to paint

Requires manual assembly and painting.


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