Dungeons & Lasers - Fantasy Starter Set

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Stepping into this dungeon is a choice that demands courage or perhaps a touch of foolishness. Have you not heard the whispers of its perils? Allow me to offer a word of caution. Avoid any temptation to tamper with switches, for they trigger traps lying in wait. And keep a wary eye for the hidden skeleton archers—they're skilled marksmen aiming for the knees, eager to halt intruders in their tracks.

Many of the chests within these walls hold nothing but dust and disappointment, so your best bet lies in scouring the ancient tombs for hidden treasures. And should you encounter the dreaded beholder known as Lord Bulbo, do not hesitate—flee with all haste! For this creature knows no mercy, and to face it head-on is to court certain doom.

Box Contains:

  • 6x Long Floor
  • 9x Floor
  • 8x Long wall
  • 15x Wall
  • 4x Doorway
  • 40x floor clips
  • 44x wall clips
  • 64x Pins
  • 24x vertical clips
  • 70x customization bits

Modular walls and floors with 30mm grid system for tabletop games in 28mm scale. Customization bits included.

All models come unpainted and unassembled.


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