Dungeons & Lasers - Dwarven Mine Pre-painted

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Light up your torches, adventurers, for the time has come to descend into the depths of a Dwarven mine—a forgotten and mysterious place once filled with the sounds of hammers and laughter. Now shrouded in darkness and silence, people whisper that it's abandoned... but is it truly?

With a few plastic clicks, transform your favorite map into a real dungeon on your gaming table. Assemble your miniatures, from stalwart warriors to cunning rogues, including mimics waiting to spring their traps, and roll for initiative! Walls will shift to reveal hidden areas, doors will unlock with a creak, and treasures beyond imagining will be discovered. It's all in your hands, Adventurers.

Forget about paint and glue—this is solid dwarven craft, forged in the depths of the earth by master artisans. Each chamber holds the promise of adventure, every corridor a new challenge to overcome. Will you brave the darkness in search of untold riches, or will you succumb to the perils that lurk in the shadows?

As you delve deeper into the mine, the mysteries of its past will unfold before you, revealing secrets long buried beneath the surface. What treasures await those bold enough to seek them out? What dangers lie in wait for the unwary? Only time will tell as you chart your course through the twisting passages and cavernous halls of this ancient stronghold.

So gather your party, steel your nerves, and prepare to embark on a journey unlike any other. For in the heart of the Dwarven mine, adventure awaits those brave enough to claim it. Are you ready to light up your torches and face the unknown? The fate of the mine—and perhaps even the world—rests in your Hands.

  • fully pre-painted with Prisma Cast™ Technology
  • assemble and play in a matter of minutes
  • functional doors
  • intricate detail
  • half-height walls for better visibility


  • 6x double Floor
  • 6x single floor
  • 6x long wall
  • 24x short wall
  • 6x doorway
  • 6x door
  • 6x lamp post
  • 12x torch

Pre-painted! Requires manual assembly


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