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The more you do, the more he knows.

Picture a scenario where a dragon could not only observe but also learn from every action you take, using that knowledge to its advantage. Indeed, such a foe would make for a formidable and relentless adversary in any boss fight. Enter Draculus the Cunning—a legendary creature born amidst the ancient wisdom of the Valley. Unlike other dragons, Draculus's knowledge isn't fixed; it's fluid, adaptable, and ever-changing. And therein lies his deadliest weapon.

Countless challengers have fallen prey to Draculus's cunning intellect, their carefully laid plans unraveling beneath the dragon's strategic prowess. To outsmart Draculus requires more than mere strength or skill—it demands creativity, adaptability, and a willingness to embrace the unpredictable.

So, when facing Draculus, be prepared to think on your feet, to switch tactics at a moment's notice, and to employ strategies that defy logic. Confound the dragon with unexpected maneuvers, sow seeds of doubt, and dare to act in ways that may seem irrational. For in the mind of Draculus, every action is a clue, every move a calculated risk—and only those who can think outside the box stand a chance of emerging victorious against this cunning adversary.

Box Contains:

  • 1x Draculus The Cunning Miniature Set
  • 50 mm scenic base

Height: 5.7in (145 mm)

All models come unpainted and unassembled.


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