Dungeonology - Triple Threat - engl.

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Get ready for an expansion that brings chaos to new heights in your game! Introducing the formidable Mega Boss, the Spriggan of the Woods, who will challenge the Scholars like never before.

Spriggan's mischievous nature manifests in annoying and disruptive ways. Spriggy in Boots, with his oversized footwear, will make a ruckus, drawing attention to the Student he chooses to follow. But that's not all—Spriggy can guide the Student to the most inaccessible areas of the Dungeon, creating new challenges for the Scholars to overcome.

Pinky, with his devastating punches, acts as a fierce protector of his Scholars, chasing away any Students who dare approach them. However, Pinky's presence also poses a threat to opposing Scholars, adding a new layer of strategic consideration.

The Brain, concealed behind a bulky mask, becomes a constant distraction for his Scholar. Despite the interference, the Brain's guidance helps the Scholar collect valuable Information Cubes, ensuring progress is made despite the hindrances.

But the real spectacle awaits when these three Spriggans unite to form the awe-inspiring Spriggazord! This powerful totem brings annoyance to a whole new level, teleporting to the areas of the Scholars and persistently following them without respite. The Scholars will have to find creative ways to evade the relentless pursuit of the Spriggazord.

With this expansion, the stakes are raised, and the challenges become more intense. Will the Scholars prevail against the chaotic force of the Spriggan of the Woods and its amalgamation, the Spriggazord? Only time will tell if they can overcome these new obstacles and achieve their goals.

Prepare yourself for a thrilling encounter as you face the Spriggan of the Woods and unlock the full potential of the Spriggazord. Brace for relentless pursuit, disruptive powers, and strategic decisions that will shape the outcome of your game. Are you ready to take on this formidable challenge and emerge victorious?

Miniatures supplied unpainted.


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