Dungeon Adventures: Dungeon Dead

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Emerging from the dark and eerie world crafted by the imagination of Mike Mignola, these undead warriors stand as silent sentinels guarding ancient secrets and cursed treasures. With each step, they echo the whispers of forgotten tombs and crypts, their spectral presence a chilling reminder of the perils that await any who dare to disturb their slumber.

Forged from the shadows of the underworld, they wield power beyond the grasp of mortal comprehension. Their gaunt forms bear the scars of battles long past, yet their resolve remains unyielding, fueled by an eternal thirst for vengeance against those who would trespass upon their sacred domain.

To face these revenants is to confront the very essence of fear itself. Their cold, lifeless eyes pierce the darkness, their spectral blades thirsting for the blood of intruders. Only the most cunning and courageous adventurers dare to challenge them, for each encounter is a test of skill, strength, and sheer willpower.

But beware, for even in death, these guardians are relentless in their pursuit. With every swing of their spectral weapons, they seek to claim the souls of those who would dare to defy them. Will you stand your ground against these undead warriors, or will you fall victim to their ancient wrath? The choice is yours, adventurer, but know this: the path ahead is fraught with peril, and only the bravest will emerge victorious from the depths of Hellboy's world.


  • 10 PVC undead miniatures.

Models are supplied unpainted.


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