Dungeon Adventures Vol.1 - Into the Necromancer's Lair - engl.

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Your hair stands on end at the presence of arcane energies in this sanctum. A ritual circle in the center of the room is brightly lit with violet light, filling the room with heavy shadows. Piles of bones from earlier, presumably failed experiments lie in the chamber. At the far end of the chamber is a portal, from the glowing disk of which emanates a strange smell of sea air

This Dungeon Adventures pack offers an adventure that you can add to any existing fantasy campaign your players are already involved in and is intended for level 3 characters.


  • Adventure book
  • 2-sided paper mat
  • Over 30 scenery pieces including:
    • Dungeon traps scatter terrain
    • Summoning Portal and Magic Circle
    • torture chamber scenery
    • cemetery scenery


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