Dungeon Adventures: Evil Dead

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In the hidden recesses beneath the world, where darkness reigns supreme and the whispers of malevolence echo through the shadows, foulness lurks, waiting to ensnare the unwary in its icy grip. It is a realm where only the bravest dare to tread, for to face the horrors that dwell within is to tempt fate itself.

Among the twisted denizens of this netherworld, a ghastly assortment of undead creatures lies in wait. Skeletons, revenants, zombies—all bound by an unholy thirst for blood and a ceaseless hunger for the flesh of the living. Their ranks are bolstered by the lumbering presence of a troll, its monstrous form twisted and contorted by dark sorcery.

Together, they form a nightmarish pack of undead delights, a relentless tide of death and decay that sweeps through the darkness like a shadowy tide. To underestimate their power is to invite doom, for even the bravest souls may find themselves ensnared by the chilling grasp of the undead.

But heed this warning: never turn your back on the darkness, for within its depths, the true horrors lie in wait. Only those with the courage to face the darkness head-on may hope to emerge unscathed from its clutches. So steel yourself, adventurer, and prepare to confront the unspeakable terrors that lurk in the shadows. For in the battle against the undead, there can be no room for fear or hesitation—only the unyielding resolve to stand firm in the face of Evil.

Contains 9 undead enemies for your Dungeon:

  • 3x Skeletons
  • 3x Zombies
  • 1x Ghoul
  • 1x Wraith
  • 1x Zombie Troll

Supplied unpainted.


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