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The Sylvaneth Dryads are a howling, screaming manifestation of the wrath of the forest, who descend on those who pollute their sacred glades with a vicious violence that borders on glee. Supple, they dance among their foes with a grace belied by their nature, stabbing and choking foes with vicious claws, and few who summon their wrath make it out alive.

The Dryads themselves are a savage force of nature, volatile and impulsive creatures whose minds swirl with erratic thoughts and emotions. They don't think in terms of grand strategy or military maneuvers. Instead, they fight with unbridled ferocity, spinning and lashing out at the enemy like a storm. Their vicious claws are as sharp as any blade, capable of smashing right through Chaos-forged armor plates and tearing the flesh beneath. Dryads are surprisingly resilient for such willowy-looking creatures, their tough, barklike skin shrugging off blows that would normally strike an armored man. As they fight, the dryads sing plaintive dirges of loss and anger, like vicious thorns tugging at the senses of mortals, confusing and distracting their prey.

There are some noble spirits, particularly among the more elite tribe clans, who look down on the Dryads as beings with fleeting attention spans and petty concerns, although others believe such arrogance is unfair and unfounded. The Dryads fight fiercely in the ongoing war against the invaders of the realms, and though they rarely look far ahead, they care deeply about their cause, and if anything, the immediacy of their thoughts brings them closer to the urgency of their mother goddess.

A howling, screeching manifestation of the forest's wrath, the Sylvaneth Dryads pounce on those who desecrate their sacred glades with vicious, often bordering on gleeful, violence. With a grace that belies their nature, they dance gracefully among their foes, stabbing and choking foes with vicious claws. Few who draw their wrath escape.

This multi-part plastic kit contains everything you need to assemble 16 Dryads, including 16 Citadel 32mm Round bases.


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