Dry Brush - ROCK GREY 30 ml

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"Rock Grey" - Dry Brush Paint

Unlock the beauty of dark-colored stonework with Rock Grey dry brush paint. This versatile color is perfect for adding depth and realism to a variety of surfaces, including walls, house facades, wells, and natural rocks and pebbles. Please note that Rock Grey has a subtle blueish-lilac tinge, adding a touch of uniqueness to your projects.

Rock Grey is not your ordinary neutral grey. Its distinct hue adds character and dimension to your stonework, creating a visually appealing and realistic effect. The subtle undertone enhances the natural appearance of rocks and stonework, making them come to life on your tabletop or diorama.

For stunning effects, Rock Grey can be combined with our other dry brush paints. Create mystic rocks by pairing it with Alpha Turquoise and Aqua Oxide dry brush paint. Unleash chaos by dry brushing rocks with red for a dramatic and fiery touch. Lightly and selectively dry brush ore-rich rocks with Cursed Gold, Dry Aged Silver, and Imperial Copper for a dazzling display of wealth and opulence.

In addition to stonework, our dry brush paints are also perfect for creating amazing OSL (Object-Source Lighting) effects on your miniatures, their bases, and the surrounding dioramas. Illuminate your showcase models with a vibrant glow, adding depth and atmosphere to your gaming table.

Compatible with various miniature wargaming universes, Rock Grey dry brush paint is a versatile tool in the hands of hobbyists. From fantasy realms to grimdark futures, this paint adds a touch of realism and enhances the visual impact of your miniatures and scenery.

Unleash your creativity and elevate your painting techniques with Rock Grey dry brush paint. Each bottle contains 30ml of high-quality product, ensuring that you have plenty of paint to complete your projects and bring your stonework and miniatures to life.

Embrace the unique charm of Rock Grey and transform your creations into breathtaking works of art that will captivate both you and your fellow hobbyists.


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