Drukinii Head Set 3

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Drukini is a fictional culture often depicted in fantasy literature and games. They are often portrayed as a proud and noble people with a strong military tradition.

In some depictions, the Drukini are known for their exceptional skill in metalworking and craftsmanship, which has allowed them to forge weapons and armor of exceptional quality. They are also known for their use of brass and golden scale armor, which is said to be both beautiful and functional.

The Drukini are typically portrayed as a fierce and warlike culture, with a deep-seated hatred for their enemies. They often engage in warfare with other fantasy races such as orcs, goblins, and dragons, and are known for their unwavering loyalty to their leaders and their willingness to fight to the death.

In some fantasy settings, the Drukini are also known for their use of magic, particularly in the areas of divination and prophecy. They may have powerful mystics and seers who are able to peer into the future and offer guidance to their leaders in times of war and crisis.

Overall, the Drukini are a complex and fascinating fictional culture with a rich history and tradition in the world of fantasy literature and gaming.

Set contains 3 resin heads.

  • Scale 28-30 mm (1:55-1:60)
  • Weight: 5g

Models are made in high quality resin, unasembled and unpainted.


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