Drukinii Female Warriors

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Under the command of Khadros, the Drukinii armies have undergone a transformation, becoming even more formidable on the battlefield. Notably, the proud and strong women of this nation have risen to new heights, becoming some of the most feared warriors in the land.

Led by Khadros himself, these women have honed their skills in combat, becoming a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. Their courage, discipline, and strategic acumen have earned them the respect of their fellow soldiers and the fear of their enemies.

Some say that Khadros's leadership has played a significant role in the rise of these women warriors. He has instilled in them a sense of purpose and pride, and has trained them in the art of warfare like no other. Through his leadership, they have become a truly elite fighting force, one that strikes fear into the hearts of their foes.

It is said that Khadros's influence has brought new life to the Drukinii armies, creating a powerful and united force that stands ready to defend their kingdom against all who would challenge them. Though their ultimate goals and desires remain a mystery, one thing is clear: the women warriors of the Drukinii armies are a force to be reckoned with, thanks to the leadership of Khadros.

Set contains 3 multipart models.


  • 9x head
  • 3x Torso
  • 3x quiver
  • 6x arm with Sword
  • 3x arm with spear
  • 3x bowman Hand
  • 3x arm with bow
  • 3x arm for shield use
  • 3x shield

Scale 28-30 mm (1:55-1:60)
Weight: 75 g

Models are made in high quality resin, unasembled and unpainted.


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