Drukhari Cronos

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The Cronos Engines are semi-sentient, part-organic, part-mechanical monsters that slowly drift on anti-gravity engines. Created by the Haemonculi through a strange mix of alchemy and science that creates a feedblock loop of negative energy[2], the Cronos drain their victims not only of their physical components but also of their life essence - what's left of their unfortunate victim is a pathetic, shriveled shell that quickly crumbles into little more than dust.

Some Cronos are further modified by their creators to use other soul-stealing weapons like a Spirit Vortex or Spirit Probe. Regardless of the method used, the victim's stolen vitality is then amplified within the machine itself, creating an energy field that rejuvenates nearby allies.

This multi-part plastic kit contains 89 components, plus a ball-head flying base and a large flying base with which to build either a Drukhari Talos Pain Machine or a Drukhari Cronos Parasite Machine.


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