Drukhari Combat Patrol

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This box set contains 18 plastic models that make up a force perfect as an army for combat patrol sized games or to start a crusade force. Top Tip: Adding the Drukhari half of Piety and Pain would be a great move. Combat Patrol: Drukhari is about the Cabal, with an Archon leading 10 Kabalite Warriors and five Incubi into battle. Every raid needs speed and firepower, and that's where Raiders and Ravagers come in.

The Drukhari are a cunning and ruthless people. Their home planet of Commorragh is a dangerous world, a world in perpetual darkness infested with street gangs where only the strong survive. Many young Dark Eldar join these gangs for the protection they offer, but power struggles make being in a gang almost as dangerous as not being in one. The majority of Commorragh's gangs are divided into either Reavers or Helions, but both have an affinity for speed and are typically found riding Reaver Jetbikes or Hellion Skyboards.

Hellions often maintain close ties to the Wych cults, who offer them various combat drugs and protection from other gangs and threats in exchange for their performance in the bloody battles of the cult's arena, as well as any realspace raids they are hired on to undertake. Reavers compete in death races in a Wych cult's arena. Some of them will get their bike as a trophy on the arena floor, while others might just have murdered or stolen themselves. No questions would ever be asked, even if a new entrant appeared on the track with a recognizable jet bike owned by another Racer.


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