Drukhari Archon

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Archon of the Dark Eldar

This 11 part plastic kit makes one Archon clad in rune-inscribed Kabalite armor. The Archon wields a pod blade and splinter pistol, while the skin cloak and trophy stand on his backpack proudly display the wealth of terror he has reaped in battle.
An Archon is the leader of a Drukhari cabal, the organization that serves as the heart of the standard Drukhari military force as well as the primary political entity within the Dark City. The Archons of the Drukhari Cabal are the true lords of Commorragh. They sit at the top of the Drukhari hierarchy that controls the Dark City and the labyrinthine realm of the Drukhari portion of the Webway.

Each has enough political clout to warp portions of realspace, halt the progress of an Imperial crusade, or enslave the populace of entire worlds.

A cabal overlord is always a powerful adversary on the battlefield, but he has earned his position not only through martial prowess in the arts of war and violence, but also through his perseverance in the most difficult game of all - the Byzantine emerged victorious intrigues that govern all things at the heart of the Dark City, sometimes known as the Thyllian Ai-kelethril, or "Path of Shards." Only the most brilliant survive long enough to fight their way to the top.

Each Archon is as venomous in word and deed as a serpent, his mind as labyrinthine as the darkest reaches of the Webway. Such qualities are a necessity because sitting on the pinnacle of power means actually making yourself a prominent target.

Though each Archon is a conceited, solipsistic megalomaniac, convinced of his mental and physical superiority over all other beings, he will only retain his position as overlord of Commorragh so long as he can fend off his rivals' endless coup and assassination attempts. enemies and his own Dracon lieutenants.

One wrong move in the upper echelons of the Dark City is almost bound to be fatal, and so all Archons have an uncanny ability to predict the motives and plans of others, and take great delight in using their rivals' traps against them in bloody and often spectacular ways to turn .

A Drukhari Archon leads his cabal into battle.

Despite the elaborate network of loyalty within the Dark City, the overlords of the Cabal place rings around those who seek to beat them at their deadly game. The endless ambitions of their subjects keep an Archon's paranoia as sharp as their own blades, and so it is in the ministry of treachery that all Archons truly excel, with strategies stretching across millennia when centuries-old plans come to fruition .

Some say that the Drukhari Archons could even teach Tzeentch, Lord of Change, a thing or two about long-term plans. Some of the Archons known as the "Lords of Twilight" who rule from the tallest towers of Commorragh even claim to have ascended to their thrones before the fall of the Aeldari.

These elders of the Archons regard the rest of their species with contempt; so little better than bickering children. The Lords of Twilight do not willingly tolerate fools. A single error in protocol can incite an Archon to murderous wrath. In matters of maintaining their cabal hierarchy, Archons have been known to favor even solutions that leave everyone less prosperous, if only to annoy them.

But reveling in the depths of suffering and madness for an eternity eventually comes with a price. In the long Terran years in which they held dominion over the Force or fought their way up to hold their exalted positions, the Drukhari archons have relished the pain of others for so long that only a true atrocity animates them.

Archons regularly conduct large-scale planetary raids for their cabal, as they can only regenerate by absorbing the agony of entire planets. Thousands of slaves must be sacrificed every night for the oldest Archons, and that may not be enough to restore youth to the oldest and most corrupt.

As a result, older Archons usually cover their black-veined faces with masks. The masks of some Archons are stylized and beautiful; others are gory, alien, and horrid, fashioned from the flayed flesh of their rivals' faces.


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