Domaru Takeshi "Neko" Oyama (AP CCW, EXP CCW)

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Captain Song Lau. Excerpt from Takeshi Oyama's evaluation report in honor of his promotion to Sergeant Domaru Butai.

Takeshi "Neko" Oyama is an old-school samurai warrior, a human of integrity and honor, the paradigm of the perfect bushi. His face, slim and serious, always shows a determined and solemn expression. He has rude, taciturn manners and the creeds of the Bushido code always guide his outlook on life. Oyama proudly wears his scars as a mark of his experience, but like a good bushi, he never brags about them. His nickname "Neko" ("cat" in Japanese) is attributed to his ability to always land on his feet and the number of lives he appears to have. At first, everyone believed that Oyama was a very lucky person. But a single human cannot be as lucky as this samurai. Oyama is a skilled warrior who has survived many battles simply by being the best. Coming from a Japanese Bushi family, his life has always revolved around training as a samurai. Oyama trained in dojos with the most renowned masters, where he has distinguished himself as a fighter of superior talent. Oyama joined the army driven by a strong sense of personal honor rather than a desire for social prestige. His first target was a butai (regiment) assigned to Svalarheima. Here his legend would begin. He was part of an outpost garrison that suffered a fierce Panocean attack. The enemy troops outnumbered their defenders by four to one. The defense became untenable. When reinforcements arrived, only two people were alive: the garrison's medical officer and Oyama, who, although badly wounded, continued to defend the position. After Oyama completed his convalescence period, he was transferred to Paradiso and given the rank of corporal. During a long-range patrol mission, his unit encountered an advanced Shasvastii infiltration group. After bitter hand-to-hand combat, only an exhausted, wounded Oyama remained to return and report the incident. The StateEmpire Army reinforced the area and prevented a Shasvastii infiltration from behind human lines. Oyama, already nicknamed «Neko», also served in the Ariadna trade conflicts, where he was tasked with honoring his nickname by surviving the impossible, which he repeated several times during the uprising. Takeshi "Neko" Oyama knows that the ultimate path of the samurai is death. Knowing that danger can knock on his door at any moment, he fearlessly awaits his inevitable fall, which is slowly approaching. Oyama does not fear death; he fully understands that the warrior's way demands life as its price.


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