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Within the enigmatic domain of the Ten Thunders, where the draw and shuffle of cards chart the course of destiny, the "Monk" keyword resonates as a harmonious symphony of discipline and spiritual prowess. Amidst this tapestry of balance and enlightenment, a group of characters steps forward: the Low River Monks and the Wandering River Monks.

As embodiments of tranquility and combat finesse, the Low River Monks stand at the forefront of the Ten Thunders' legacy. With each measured strike and each serene stance, they epitomize the delicate balance of the Thunders' philosophy. Their presence radiates the essence of the "Monk" keyword—a celebration of their devotion to the martial and the spiritual.

Within the Ten Thunders' ranks, the Wandering River Monks exemplify the quest for inner and outer harmony. With each fluid movement and contemplative gaze, they navigate the enigmatic currents of the world. Their actions mirror the "Monk" theme, serving as a reminder that the Ten Thunders' strength stems from both physical mastery and spiritual insight.

In the symphony of discipline and transcendence, the "Monk" keyword becomes a testament to the Ten Thunders' pursuit of balance. The Low River Monks and the Wandering River Monks embody the ethos of equilibrium—a power that navigates the enigmatic currents of existence with grace and mastery.


  • Low River Monks x3
  • Wondering River Monks x3


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