Devastator Squad

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A Devastator Marine is a fire support Firstborn Space Marine who serves in the Devastator Squads of a Codex Astartes-compliant Space Marine Chapter. A Devastator Squad consists of a Sergeant and up to nine Battle Brothers, four of whom are designated as Heavy Weapons Support. Your Sergeant will be a Space Marine who has received additional training to equip him for his leadership role. Devastator Sergeants are also adept at using all types of Space Marine heavy weapons, although they prefer to fight with the Sergeants' standard weapons, a bolt pistol and a chainsword or other melee weapons. Their expertise means a Sergeant can get maximum tactical advantage from the weapons at his disposal. Space Marines rely on the tactical acumen of individual sergeants to avoid complex command structures and communications networks.

The Space Marines in a Chapter's fire support squads play a crucial role, providing fire cover for their battle line and close support brethren. This could take the form of assassinating key targets, counter-battery salvos, or destroying enemy armor. Countless battles are won through their target selection, marksmanship and timely use of firepower. Mainly long-range support units, Devastators provide their comrades with cover fire while simultaneously engaging enemy vehicles and other armored enemies. Most Space Marine Chapters equip their Devastators with a mix of heavy weaponry, as favored by the Codex Astartes. This allows even a single Devastator Squad to better deal with emerging threats and compete in multiple battlefield roles, simply splitting into anti-tank and infantry squads.

Despite this, some Space Marine Chapters have refined the role of their Devastator Squads by only fielding anti-tank or anti-infantry weapons to cater to a recurring enemy or combat type. Some of the Battle Brothers in a Devastator Squad may have fought enough battles to earn Veteran status. These Marines may continue to serve in the squad for a short time, but eventually they will be offered special assignments elsewhere (e.g. in a Command Squad) or promoted to serve in the Order's elite 1st Company, which is made up of Astartes with Veteran passes status. This will replenish the ranks of the Order's elite company. Veteran Battle Brothers wear white helmets, while Veteran Sergeants wear a white-striped red helmet. After their service as Devastators, Space Marines typically join the ranks of Assault Marines.

Devastator Squads have access to more heavy weapon types than most other Space Marine Squad types. In addition to heavy bolters, laser cannons, and rocket launchers, Devastator Marines can also wield more exotic weapons like multi-meltas and plasma cannons. The latter weapon fires balls of superheated plasma that explode on impact, making it exceptionally powerful against multiple targets.

The Multi-Melta is a short-range anti-tank weapon whose thermal blast is capable of melting through even the toughest armor.

Devastator Marines missile launchers can fire two different types of missiles. Frag missiles provide effective fire against enemy infantry, while Krak missiles are more useful against armored targets. These two missiles are relatively small, and a Devastator Marine can easily carry enough of either type to fully utilize a missile launcher's potential dual tactical use in a battle.


  • 2 grav cannons
  • 2 rocket launchers
  • 2 multi melters
  • 2 laser cannons
  • 2 plasma cannons
  • 2 heavy bolters
  • Combo Plasma Launcher
  • Combi melter
  • Combi grav emitters
  • Combi flamethrower
  • Bolter
  • Storm Bolter
  • a power fist
  •  a power Sword
  • a power axe
  • a power claw
  •  a chainsword
  • an energy hammer
  • a plasma pistol
  • Bolt Pistol
  • grave gun

Five purity seals, two servo skulls, a pile of empty shell casings, a base skull adornment, ten Space Marine helmets with scopes, six pairs of legs, six Sergeant's hands and eight Space Marine shoulder pads round out this immense amount of parts.

Also included are five Citadel 32mm Round bases.


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