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In the dark depths of a forgotten realm, where shadows loom and ancient magics stir, there lurks a creature born of madness and malice - an abomination that defies nature itself. Created by combining the most fierce and dangerous aspects of a wolf and a dragon, this monstrous hybrid is a terror to behold.

Its form is a grotesque fusion of scales and fur, with jagged claws that gleam like obsidian in the dim light. Its eyes burn with an unnatural hunger, fueled by a primal instinct to hunt and destroy. And when it opens its mouth, rows of razor-sharp teeth glisten with saliva, eager to rend flesh and bone alike.

But perhaps most terrifying of all is its fiery breath - a searing inferno that incinerates everything in its path. Even the strongest of armor is no match for the intense heat, and the most experienced adventurers find themselves reduced to ash in mere moments.

To face such a creature is to court death itself, for it knows no mercy and feels no remorse. It is a force of pure destruction, unleashed upon the world by dark sorceries and twisted ambitions.

Yet, for those brave enough to challenge it, there may be hope. With cunning and courage, it is possible to outsmart even the most fearsome of adversaries. But one thing is certain - to confront this abomination is to stare into the abyss, and to risk everything in the hope of emerging victorious against the darkest of nightmares.


  • 1 Wolfrake miniature
  • 113mm / 4,4'' Tall
  • 1 scenic 50mm base

Miniature supplied unpainted, requires assembly.


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