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Embark on an immersive journey filled with adventure, exploration, and captivating narratives with Destinies, a competitive, story-driven game that ingeniously merges an app with a board game.

Prepare to experience a whole new realm of possibilities with Destinies: Witchwood, an exciting expansion that introduces fresh scenarios and untold mysteries for players to explore. Immerse yourself in a world brimming with folklore-inspired characters, formidable monsters, and epic quests that will test your wit and courage.

Each scenario will propel players into a thrilling race to fulfill one of their character's two potential Destinies. Through skillful decision-making, character development, item gathering, and quest completion, players will shape the fate of their chosen persona, with thousands of words of narrative woven into the tapestry of their journey.

The enigmatic Witchwood, a mysterious and enchanted forest, will be your playground, offering a realm of endless possibilities and boundless wonders. But tread carefully, for your choices within each scenario can unleash a cascade of consequences, altering the very fabric of the world your characters inhabit. The echoes of your actions will reverberate across time and space, and the impact on later scenarios will be profound.

Destinies: Witchwood is a testament to the power of storytelling, where each decision carries weight and every choice is an opportunity for greatness or doom. Embrace the unknown, forge your path, and uncover the secrets hidden within the depths of the Witchwood.

Gather your fellow adventurers, let the spirit of competition ignite your souls, and let destiny's hand guide you through a realm of fantasy and enchantment. Dare you enter the Witchwood and be forever changed by its magical allure? The unfolding tales of destiny await your Arrival!


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