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Within the tumultuous and unpredictable realm of the Outcasts, where alliances are fragile and the pursuit of survival takes precedence, the keyword "Amalgam" signifies an assembly of entities that defy categorization. These figures embody the very essence of diversity and chaos that define the Outcasts' world, a tapestry of elements woven together in an intricate dance.

At the forefront of this eclectic gathering stands the Desolation Engine, a figure that epitomizes the Amalgam keyword. Its form is a fusion of twisted machinery and raw power, a mechanical behemoth that mirrors the chaos of the Outcasts' existence. The Desolation Engine's very presence is a testament to the convergence of disparate forces that shape the faction's enigmatic landscape.

Beside the Desolation Engine are the Abominations, four beings who exist at the crossroads of life and monstrosity. These figures are a testament to the fluid nature of the Amalgam keyword, as they shift between forms with an unsettling grace. Their existence is a reminder that within the Outcasts' dominion, the boundaries between the natural and the supernatural blur into obscurity.

Together, the Desolation Engine and the Abominations paint a vivid portrait of the Amalgam keyword within the Outcasts' realm. In their presence, the very notion of identity and classification becomes fluid, and the lines between the known and the unknown dissolve into an intricate web of existence. As you navigate the tumultuous landscape of the Outcasts, be prepared to encounter beings who embody the very essence of the Amalgam – figures shaped by the convergence of disparate elements that define their chaotic world.


  • Desolation Engine
  • 4 Abominations


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