Desert Bases 20x20mm (10)

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Introducing a captivating collection: a set of ten meticulously crafted 20x20mm square bases, each intricately adorned with the serene and arid Desert pattern. Expertly cast from top-tier resin, these bases embody the essence of an unforgiving and yet strangely beautiful wilderness.

In their unpainted state, these bases stand as blank canvases, awaiting the touch of your artistic hand to bring forth the sun-scorched beauty of the desert. The Desert pattern, with its windswept dunes, ancient rock formations, and the quiet majesty of the wilderness, serves as the stage for your miniatures' journey into a realm of vast, untamed expanses. It promises to immerse them in a world where the sands conceal both secrets and solace.

As you embark on your creative odyssey, let these Desert-patterned bases become the expansive and tranquil canvas for your miniatures' adventures. This high-quality resin set is more than just a collection of bases; it's an opportunity to infuse your miniatures with the austere grandeur of the desert landscape and craft a narrative that captures the timeless allure of the dunes. Unleash your inner explorer and transform these unpainted bases into a masterpiece that transports all who behold it to the boundless and tranquil expanse of the desert, where tales of survival and discovery await.

A set of 10 high-quality resin 20x20mm square bases of the Desert pattern.

Supplied unpainted.


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