Descendants and Guardians

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Amidst the intricate tapestry of the Ten Thunders faction, a contingent of loyal and dedicated retainers takes center stage. These individuals, bound by unbreakable allegiance, embody the essence of duty and servitude. Among them, Sun Quiang stands as a beacon of wisdom and guidance. His presence radiates a sense of tranquility, a profound understanding of his role as a retainer within this enigmatic faction. With each step, he carries the weight of responsibility, his actions guided by an unwavering commitment to his masters.

Beside him, Chiaki the Beacon emanates an ethereal aura that captures the essence of her title. She is not merely a retainer; she is a guiding light, leading her comrades through the shadows of uncertainty. Her presence is akin to a beacon amidst the darkness, offering hope and direction to those who navigate the intricate pathways of the Ten Thunders.

Amidst the ranks of these devoted individuals, the Komainu stand vigilant, their loyalty transcending the boundaries of time and space. With each resolute stride, they embody the principles of protection and guardianship, their unwavering dedication shielding those under their care.

In the heart of the Ten Thunders faction, this assembly of retainers weaves a narrative of honor, duty, and loyalty. Through their actions, they illuminate the path forward, ensuring that the legacy of the faction endures, and the principles they uphold remain unwavering.


  • Sun Quiang
  • Chiaki the Beacon
  • Komainu x2


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