Deep in the Dark

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Malifaux models are esteemed for their exquisite craftsmanship and dynamic presence, standing proudly at the revered 32mm 'heroic' scale. Crafted from premium-quality plastic, these miniatures epitomize excellence and attention to detail, bringing the world of Malifaux to life on the tabletop.

Belonging to the enigmatic Neverborn faction, these models bear the Keywords: Returned and Nephilim, signifying their connection to the ancient and primal forces that shape the world of Malifaux. This set includes:

  • Athorak: A formidable presence on the battlefield, Athorak embodies the raw power and ferocity of the Neverborn, striking fear into the hearts of enemies with each thunderous step.

  • Cavern Nephilim x2: These savage warriors, born from the depths of the earth, are relentless in their pursuit of destruction, tearing through enemy ranks with primal fury and unbridled aggression.

While these miniatures are sure to become stalwart allies in your battles, it's important to note that they will require some preparation and assembly before they can take to the tabletop. However, the effort invested in assembling these models will be rewarded with a stunning display of craftsmanship and detail, adding depth and excitement to your games of Malifaux.


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