Deathwing Knights

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Behold the venerated warriors of the Dark Angels 1st Company, a revered brotherhood of veterans whose valor knows no bounds. Among their esteemed ranks, only the most skilled and resolute ascend to the esteemed mantle of Deathwing Knights. Clad in formidable Terminator armor and armed with sacred relic weapons drawn from the Chapter's ancient armories, these grim warriors stand as the epitome of unwavering resolve and unyielding dedication.

In the face of the direst threats and the most obdurate Fallen, the Deathwing Knights march forth with unshakable determination, ready to mete out judgment upon the enemies of the Imperium. Led by the illustrious Knight Master, these elite warriors wield their chosen arms with lethal precision, striking fear into the hearts of traitors and heretics alike.

The kit offers myriad customization options, including various head choices to depict the stoic countenances of these revered veterans. Additionally, it includes essential accessories such as a teleport homer and a Watcher in the Dark, ensuring that the Deathwing Knights are prepared for any eventuality on the battlefield.

Moreover, the kit features a Dark Angels Transfer sheet boasting an impressive array of 348 transfers, allowing you to adorn your miniatures with the iconic heraldry and symbols of the Unforgiven, ensuring that they stand resolute and unmistakable amidst the tumult of war.

With the Dark Angels 1st Company Deathwing Knights at your command, your forces gain an indomitable edge, ready to face the most dire threats and bring the most obstinate Fallen to heel in the name of the Lion and the Imperium.


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