Deathwing Command Squad

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Deathwing Knight

Deathwing Knights are fierce warriors who form part of the combat elite of the Dark Angels and their successors' Deathwing units.

They are said to bear a certain resemblance to Lion El'Jonson himself and embody his quiet strength. The Deathwing's most trusted and experienced warriors, these veterans form the company's own exclusive inner circle, learning some of the hidden truths of the Unforgiven.

Deathwing Knights are clad in long robes, wield huge storm shields, and are most commonly armed with Maces of Absolution. The squads themselves are led by a Knight Master wielding the Flail of the Unforgiven. Deathwing Knights are also frequently accompanied by Watchers in the Dark.

Deathwing Command Squad

The most senior members of the Inner Circle are sometimes accompanied by a 1st Company Commando Squad. Such a handpicked formation of the most experienced Deathwing Terminators makes for a formidable unit, ideal for a bodyguard or to be assigned special duties by a librarian or interrogation chaplain.

They can be equipped for any role and often include specialists such as Standard Bearers, Apothecaries or even the 1st Company Champion. Grandmaster of the Deathwing, Belial has personally led many commandos straight into the heart of battle, forging a breach in enemy lines and crushing enemy leaders.


This kit contains 102 components, a Space Marines transfer sheet, five 40mm round bases and one 25mm round base with which to build one Deathwing Command Squad, Deathwing Knights or five Deathwing Terminators.

This kit is supplied unpainted and requires assembly - we recommend using Citadel Plastic Glue and Citadel Paints.


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