Deathwatch Watch Master

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A Deathwatch Watch Master, sometimes referred to as a Watch Commander and Master of the Vigil, is a senior Astartes officer within the Deathwatch who serves as the commander of a Deathwatch Guard Fortress or other Deathwatch headquarters facility. Their role is analogous to that of a Chapter Master of a Chapter of Space Marines, except that many of them are scattered across the galaxy in Deathwatch's myriad watchtowers.

They are the finest warriors of the Long Watch at the peak of their abilities, their tactical acumen and uncanny ability in fighting the alien unmatched within the Adeptus Astartes. The Deathwatch Constables are some of the most experienced xenos fighters in the Space Marines in the galaxy. Prior to their secondment to Deathwatch, a Watch Commander likely rose to the rank of Captain, and some even served as Chapter Master of their parent Chapter.

The role of Watch Commander, like any other position in Deathwatch, is theoretically temporary. However, most of these Astartes who hold the position do so knowing that they may never return to their Order, such an important and heavy burden is rank. As such, duty is lonely, for the Watch Commander sees countless Battle-Brothers serve under him before returning to their order, and knows that in all likelihood he will never do so again.

The process by which an individual is promoted to the rank of Watchmaster varies from case to case, but most first served in the capacity of Watchmaster. Promotion can be by default as the previous incumbent is killed in the line of duty and the senior watch captain under his command simply takes over.

This multi-part plastic kit contains all the parts needed to assemble three Kurnoth Hunters, armed with a choice of Greatswords, Scythes or Greatbows. A model can be assembled as a Huntmaster with a special headdress and weapon, and the kit includes seven additional spikes. Supplied with three Citadel 50mm Round bases.


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