Deathwatch Veteran Squad

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Unlike other Space Marine Chapters, the Deathwatch is not officially divided into separate companies. The kill team's basic tactical unit is the only fixed organization used, and individual kill teams can often change their composition from mission to mission as directed by the watch captain commanding them. A higher level of organization would be cumbersome and pointless as Deathwatch members are spread across the galaxy on a thousand independent missions. Nonetheless, within the ranks of the Deathwatch are veterans of the First Company, seasoned warriors who have come to stand their watch and put their considerable skills at the service of the Guard. More rarely, a Space Marine achieves such a reputation within the Deathwatch that he is granted the rank and privileges of Veteran First Company during his vigil in recognition of his diligence and purity. When the Battle-Brother returns to his Chapter, it is rare that his Chapter Master will not recognize that honor and induct him into First Company at the first opportunity.

By the dictates of Codex Astartes, the First Company of a Space Marine Chapter is traditionally the Veteran Company. It is made up of the most heroic, courageous, and trusted Battle-Brothers in the entire Order, seasoned veterans who have proven their skills in hundreds of conflicts, from squad-level raids to full-blown Crusades. Most of First Company is made up of Space Marine warriors who have already achieved the rank of veteran sergeant in their own company, but exceptional acts of bravery can occasionally lead to younger recruits being brought into First Company to do their bidding to honor. Such younglings must indeed be driven to match the deeds of the veterans of the First Company, and must prove themselves many times before they are fully accepted into their ranks.

The Chapter Master and his senior officers will carefully scrutinize each candidate and their exploits before granting their elevation. The members of the First Company are entrusted with many valuable secrets hidden from the other Battle-Brothers of the Order, as well as sacred artifacts of incomparable value. Furthermore, the First Company carries the Order's honor above all others, and in times of doubt and confusion, the Battle-Brothers will turn to them for guidance. Chapter legends are littered with examples of a handful of veteran First Company, despite the risks, wiping a stain on the Chapter's honor or selflessly sacrificing themselves for victory.

Every recruit aspires to one day be part of the First Company, and the competition between them to prove themselves worthy of joining their ranks is always fierce. Joining the First Company means becoming a part of the annals of the Order's history and upholding the proud traditions of its greatest heroes. Reputed to be exceptionally skilled and diligent even among other Space Marines, First Company veterans train relentlessly to hone their weapon and blade skills. The First Company has the honor of taking on the toughest missions against the toughest opponents and is therefore always the strongest company in the Chapter.

This multi-part plastic kit contains all the parts necessary to assemble a Deathwatch Kill Team. There's a huge amount of variety in these sprues - use the army organization rules in Codex Deathwatch to outfit your kill team for their specific battlefield role. You will receive parts for 5 Deathwatch Space Marines and a huge amount of Bitz for your Deathwatch:

  • 7 Space Marine heads
  • 5 Deathwatch left shoulder pads
  • 18 Chapter-specific right shoulder pads
  • 5 Deathwatch bolters (with missile selector)
  • 5 Deathwatch power swords
  • 2 energy hammers
  • 1 shrapnel cannon
  • 2 Storm Shields
  • 2 Power Maces
  • 1 Xenophase Blade


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