Deathwatch Corvus Blackstar

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Corvus Blackstar

The Corvus Blackstar is an air-to-surface attack aircraft and DropShip used exclusively by the Deathwatch forces. The Corvus Blackstar is a sleek and deadly aircraft favored by Watch Fortresses across the galaxy.

Like a knife slipping between the ribs of a colossus, the Blackstar penetrates any alien host's outer defenses to strike straight into their heart. Though small enough to slip through the sensor grids of most xenos strongholds, her weapon systems are highly sophisticated, allowing the Blackstar to be devastating for a ship her size.

The Deathwatch's war hangars are crammed with every type of aircraft the Adeptus Astartes has ever sanctioned. However, the quality of the Corvus Blackstar is such that it is used almost exclusively in kill team missions that involve air-to-ground engagements. Primarily fulfilling the role of transport, it combines the blistering speed of the Drop Pod with the maneuverability of a Stormtalon gunship and the offensive prowess of a far larger aircraft. Powered by vector thrusters mounted on the wing and aft of the airframe, the Blackstar is nimble enough to rocket through winding canyons, the elegant star spires of a Craftworld, or even through the bowels of a Tyranid Hive Ship for a surgical punch to the heart of the enemy. Once in position, revving its engines transforms it from a fighter plane into a hovercraft, its front doors yawning open with a hiss of pistons, allowing the Deathwatch agents inside to leap out and charge straight into the fray.

The pilot of each Blackstar is a seasoned Techmarine who earned the right to pilot through long and arduous school years. The pilot uses the same machine each time; This training is so intense that it combines the indomitable will of the Techmarine and the machine mind (artificial intelligence) of the aircraft. This allows the pilot to perform aerial maneuvers so spectacular that he can stagger all but the pilots of the unnaturally skilled Eldar.

The Corvus Blackstar's first priority is often maintaining air supremacy. To ensure his kill team reach the fight unscathed, the Blackstar swoops through low orbit to fall onto the enemy's aircraft or winged bioforms, like a raptor diving into a swarm of prey. Once on its prey's tail, it shoots down the enemy planes it sees as the greatest threat. While many Blackstars carry dual-linked assault cannons, some carry a bow-mounted array of Lascannons, capable of channeling the power of the Godhammer Pattern cannons to destroy heavily armored targets. Many of these ships carry a Blackstar missile launcher under their wings, equipped with a plethora of missiles. These allow the pilot to choose between Draco's air-to-surface warheads, which turn sections of xenos-infested ground into flesh-melting conflagrations, or Corvid Rockets, whose spiteful machine spirits seek out and destroy enemy aircraft, leaving their master alone to rule the skies.

This multi-part plastic kit contains all the components necessary to assemble a Corvus Blackstar, armed with a two-section assault cannon (replaceable with optional two-section lascannons), assault missiles (replaceable with a two-section Blackstar rocket launcher), an anti-air ballistics suite, and Ceramite- Coating protected. This kit comes as 83 components, and is supplied with 1 Citadel 120x92mm Flying Stem Oval base.

This miniature is supplied unpainted and requires assembly - we recommend using Citadel Plastic Glue and Citadel Paints.


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