Death Guard Poxwalker

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Poxwalkers are a form of Chaos-infected undead, similar to zombies, who have been cursed by one of the Chaos God Nurgle's diseases known as "walking pox" so that they can serve as inanimate weapons for the Death Guard's Traitor Legion. Some Inquisitors of the Ordo Sepulturum - the new Ordo Minoris of the Inquisition dedicated to fighting the undead - claim that the Walking Pox is a variant of Nurgle's Rot, since unlike zombies, the victim's flesh often even follows the physical Death mutates and grows horns, tentacles, and spikes similar to those of Nurgle's victims, becoming plague carriers.

Poxwalkers shuffle across the battlefield in fetid hordes, devouring their foes in a rotting tide. They are the cursed victims of Nurgle's plagues, transformed into the inanimate weapons of the Death Guard. Among the myriad diseases spread by the Legion, none is more terrifying than Nurgle's rot. This perfect plague is both spiritual and physical in nature, inflicting a protracted and horrific demise on the victim, eventually eroding their soul while leaving their body as a plague-ridden shell.

But Nurgle's rot is just one of the diseases simmering in the bowels of the Death Guard, saturating every world they set foot on. The Destroyer Plague - which plagued Mortarion's sons and delivered them to Nurgle during the Horus Heresy - still lurks in their rotting flesh. The zombie plague, the disease of the inanimate abomination for which Typhus the Herald is Vector Primoria, has morphed into countless tribes since the Great Rift yawned wide. The Weeping, Mutterflux, the Slithering Scourge, and countless others spread before the Death Guard, and it is a cocktail of these horrifying diseases that produces the Walking Pox.

Victims of smallpox find their bodies to rot and shut down until death finally takes them. But this is not the end. The sufferer remains cruelly conscious and conscious, unlike a zombie trapped within its corpse as it revives with a grin and stumbles away in search of the living. Their flesh mutates even upon death, sprouting bloated, pulsing tentacles and horn-like growths from their skulls, similar to those of Nurgle's demonic plaguebearers.

Just hearing the poxwalkers' mindless, moaning cacophony is enough to infect the souls of all but the most loyal Imperial citizens, leading to massive eruptions in even fortresses and cities that appear unharmed. Countless souls have been lost to this disease in this way, each one becoming another heretical abomination intent on murder. When the Death Guard prepare to attack such a haunted world, an army of the dead awaits to aid them. Though most commonly used by the Vectories of the Death Guard's 1st Plague Company, poxwalkers are used by most Death Guard warbands as cannon fodder and terror troops. The Vectorium of the Carrion Hounds in particular use vast hordes of these cursed pestilence creatures to oversee the advance of their heretical Astartes.

The warriors of this vile horde have a deep affection for the shambling monsters, often assembling morbid "collections" of infected souls, such as defeated Astra Militarum regiments or entire noble families. They show rudimentary coordination in combat, wielding battlefield debris as crude weapons, and while clumsy and slow, they are also inhumanly resilient. In this kit you will find 10 Poxwalkers. Each is uniquely awkward, armed with hastily improvised melee weapons or bare teeth and fingernails. The poxwalkers themselves are hideous, their pale faces twisted into sneers. Mutations, boils, and wounds cover their scrawny limbs.

This plastic kit comes as 24 components, and is supplied with 10 25mm round bases. Rules for these miniatures are included in the box.


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