Death Guard Plagueburst Crawler

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Plagueburst Crawler

A Plagueburst Crawler is a daemon engine used by the Death Guard Traitor Legion as a mobile artillery piece to support Death Guard Plague Marines' infantry attacks in Combat.

Its primary weapon is a plagueburst mortar that combines long-radius explosives with deadly demonic spore clouds that can eat through almost every known form of protection.

The only real downside to the Daemon Engine is that it cannot fire this weapon at targets closer than its minimum range.

The daemon Primarch Mortarion himself perfected the designs for the first Plagueburst Crawlers out of sheer defiance. The Death Lord sought to create a superlative mobile artillery piece that would outperform any comparable Imperial weapon, thereby demonstrating the Death Guard's superiority over their corpse-worshipping former kin.

For many sunny months he locked himself in the smog-shrouded towers of the Black House on the plague planet, obsessing endlessly with his corrupt spirit child and turning all his remarkable intellect to the challenge.

The resulting daemon engines reflect the stats of the nightmarish figure that created them. Plagueburst Crawlers are lumbering, formidable siege tanks whose massive ramming blades, thick armor plates, and demonic energies give them incredible resilience.
Their fearsome Plagueburst Mortars boast a parabolic arc of fire and a terrifying range, while the shells they fire combine long-radius explosives with deadly clouds of corrosive spores to inflict damage on par with Imperial Demolisher Cannons.

The downside of this weapon is its inability to shoot at targets closer than its minimum range. The rest of the Crawler's weapons, however, are designed to slaughter the enemy at close range, spraying anyone that approaches with diseased slime and hails of virus shells.

Mortarion's decision to make these vehicles Daemon Engines says a lot about his disdain for all living things. The living crew - even Death Guard Heretic Astartes - could be injured or killed, or suffer an all too human miscalculation in combat.

This multi-part plastic kit contains all the components necessary to build one Plagueburst Crawler. An extremely front-heavy crawler dozer, riddled with terrifying weaponry and covered in thick armor pitted and rusted with corrosion and rot. A standout feature is the huge, spiked dozer blade that proudly displays a symbol of Nurgle in the form of skulls. It carries 2 plague spitters on the sponsors, which you can replace with the 2 included entropy cannons, and the front center heavy batter can be replaced with a Rothail Volley Cannon - each option is equally powerful, but the biggest concern for the enemy is hands-down the Plagueburst Mortar, whose aiming mechanisms and huge barrel dominate the rear of the vehicle.

This kit consists of 71 components.

Equipment options included:

  • 2x Plague Spitters / Entropy Cannons
  • Heavy Machine Gun / Foul Hail Volley Cannon
  • Plague Mortar

The Plagueburst Crawler consists of 71 individual parts.

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