Death Guard Plague Surgeon

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Nauseous Rotbone is an accomplished plague surgeon in the Death Guard.

He once served in the Sons of Sorrow Warband until the Daemon Primarch Mortarion brought him out of the darkness and made Rotbone his personal physician. He now personally tends to the malignancy of the pestilential barrels carried at Mortarion's feet and scoops the Primarch's demonic secretions used in Death Guard rituals and rites. Rotbone also listens to Mortarion's bitter rants and is one of the few people the Daemon Primarch allows to contradict his pronouncements or plans. Since being promoted to his current position, Rotbone has become the guardian of Mortarion's surgical dungeons on the Plague Planet and has even led several Death Guard task forces to collect new genetic samples to help keep their stock of gene seed free of corruption. All of this has ensured that Rotbone's name has become infamous to members of the Death Guard and beyond.

 This multi-part plastic kit contains the necessary components to assemble Nauseous Rotbone, a Death Guard plague surgeon. He carries a bolt pistol and a Balesword, but the real fun is in the various tainted medical instruments he carries - Narthecium-like instruments containing horrible plagues are all over his armour, with an old rusty reducer perfect for stealing gens seeds his right arm. Much of his armour is covered by a hood and cloak, but the visible armour is covered in the pits, rust and corrosion expected of such a follower of the Death Guard. His right shoulder bears the head of a vile plague-bearer and the device on his back ... the less said about that the better.

This kit consists of 9 parts and comes with a Citadel round base (40 mm).


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