Death Guard Plague Marines

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Plague Marines are those Chaos Space Marines who have dedicated their life and soul to the service of the Chaos God, Nurgle. In their stout and foul armor of power, their bodies are bloated with disease, swollen with corruption, and marked with decay, though they are no longer able to feel pain, the greatest mutant "gift" bestowed upon them by the Plaguelord.

The first Plague Marines were warriors of the Death Guard Legion who were trapped in their starships at warp when the vicious destroyer plague swept through their fleet. Mortarion and his legion offered themselves to the Lord of Decay's service in exchange for their lives and an end to the constant suffering caused by the unnatural disease. The origins of the Plague Marines can be traced back to the early 31st millennium. During the opening days of the Horus Heresy, Ignatius Grulgor was the Commander (Captain) of the 2nd Grand Company of the Death Guard Legion.

During the massacre of Traitor Legion loyalists on Isstvan III that initiated the Heresy, Grulgor was deployed aboard the Imperial frigate Eisenstein to kill loyalist Captain Nathaniel Garro and his hundred-strong company of Death Guard Astartes. The Plague Marines favor close-range firefights, where they really appreciate the seething carnage they inflict on their enemies, even as they laugh at the bolts and laser beams aimed at them. Their crumbling brains are accustomed to the agony of the physical corruption rampant within their diseased corpses, making them all but immune to the pain or discomfort caused by battle wounds.

The blessed stench of decay, the sight of freshly suppurating flesh, and the budding blood of an infected wound—these are things to be thankful for. Those who fail to appreciate Grandfather Nurgle's gifts will soon be crushed. Should the enemy draw within range, Plague Marines will attack with plague-infested knives and even hurl poisonous Blight grenades – vile concoctions containing virulent toxins that corrode armor and fill the air with thick clouds of blinding, pathogenic spores.

The most notable of Blight grenades are "skulls," crafted from the severed remains of fallen enemies, each skull filled to the brim with a cocktail of disease before being sealed with ancient wax. The Plague Fleets of Nurgle are often led by the Lord of Decay's Plague Marines, spreading their filth across the galaxy. These Plague Fleets carry Nurgle's followers to inhabited worlds, where the destructive raids of the Plague Marines are inevitably followed by massive outbreaks of no less destructive contagions.

These models feature a wide range of weapons and heads, many of which are designed to fit a specific model - there are 8 boltguns, 4 plague knives, 2 lumpaxes, a plague launcher, a plasma cannon, a melta gun, a plague spit, a heavy plague spear (with backpack), a plague mace, a large plague hatchet, a plague flail, a plasma pistol, and a bolt pistol. There are 2 weapon options available for the Unity Champion: a special plague sword and a power fist, and there are 16 bare and helmeted heads in total. 2 specific arms are included for a model holding a Blight grenade with one hand pulling the pin.

This kit comes as 146 components, and is supplied with 7 Citadel 32mm Round bases.

This kit allows you to build seven Nurgle Plague Marines. Equipment options included in the box include:


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