Death Guard Plague Marine Champion

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Plague Champion - Plague Champions serve as squad leaders for the Plague Marines of the Death Guard Traitor Legion. A Plague Champion is often the worst disease-ridden individual in the unit, the hardest to defeat and the most dedicated to serving the Plague Lord Nurgle.

 This multi-part plastic kit contains the necessary components to assemble a Plague Marine Champion to add to a unit of Plague Marines. He is dressed in bulging, rusty power armour and has a choice of two different heads - one with a helmet and one without (with a disturbingly large horn growing out of his face ...). In keeping with his champion status, he is adorned with chain mail and a cloak on which the symbol of Nurgle is clearly visible. He is armed with a plague sword and an energy fist and includes a bolter hanging from his backpack. 2 Nurglings are included - one on his shoulder clutching a smoking censer, and an optional Nurgling for his base, comically clad in a Death Guard helmet.

This kit consists of 8 components and comes with a Citadel round base (32 mm).


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