Death Guard Foul Blightspawn

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Foul Blightspawn

This kit consists of 8 components and comes with a Citadel round base (40 mm).

A Foul Blightspawn is a Chaos Space Marines specialist used exclusively in the ranks of the Death Guard traitor legion. These cruel and vicious warriors normally come from the ranks of the Plague Marines. They take a morbid pleasure in seeing their victims suffer in the grip of Nurgle's plagues.

The malevolent sadism that seethes in their black souls leads to ever more grotesque physical degeneration, transforming them into vile creatures with such hideous faces and fetid rot that even their fellow Plague Marines pause in their noxious presence.

On the battlefield, these foul servants of the Plague God spread rot and disease with their plague sprayers, melting armour, flesh and rotting the souls of their unfortunate victims from the inside out.

They further spread the epidemics of Nurgle by hurling virulent plague grenades into the ranks of their enemies, which explode in sprays of infectious splinters and poisonous slime, spreading suffering and disease.

A sickening stench wafts around the Foul Blightspawn, its corruption clogging the air. Breath rattles through festering tubes as he cranks the rusted handle of his vicious butter churn, bellows wheezing and plague slime churning in the incubatum on his back. Some enemies stare stunned at this strange display.

Some direct their fire at the Blightspawn, shots bouncing off his armour or hammering harmlessly into rotting flesh in spray. The sages flee for their lives.

With a satisfied grunt, the plague spawn holds his mixture for ready and raises the nozzle of his plague sprayer. A gurgling surge, a peristaltic urge and a fountain of fetid slime engulf the enemy. Flesh melts like wax. Armour blisters and corrodes. Souls rot and bones crumble.

As the last of its targets turns to infectious slime, the Blightspawn chuckles and nods to itself before moving on to find new victims.


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